Unlock the full potential of your webshop with Sellerzilla: search by SKU and beyond


Running an online store isn’t just about having the best products. It’s about making sure your customers can find those products easily and quickly. At Sellerzilla, we believe in simplicity and efficiency. That’s why we built a powerful, advanced search system that integrates seamlessly with your webshop. Let’s talk about one of our standout features: search by SKU.

Why search by SKU matters

Improved product discovery

Ever tried to find a needle in a haystack? That’s how customers feel when they can’t find the product they’re looking for in your store. SKUs are like a GPS for your inventory. They guide your customers directly to the product they need, cutting down search time and frustration. With Sellerzilla, they can search by SKU, making the shopping experience smoother and more satisfying.

Better inventory management

Keeping track of thousands of products can be a logistical nightmare. SKUs help you stay organized. By allowing search by SKU, Sellerzilla not only helps your customers but also your team. It’s easier to manage stock, update listings, and ensure everything is in its right place. Less chaos, more control.

Going beyond: more powerful search features

But we didn’t stop at SKUs. With Sellerzilla, you can use custom fields to enable advanced searches like UPC code search, barcode lookup, and SKU lookup. Imagine the convenience of a UPC code scanner, a barcode generator, or a SKU lookup feature integrated right into your webshop. Our system offers the kind of detailed search functionality that transforms a good shopping experience into a great one. Whether it’s using a UPC scanner app or integrating a GS1 barcode search, Sellerzilla provides the flexibility and convenience your store needs.

Advanced analytics for smarter decisions

Understanding what your customers are looking for can make a big difference. Sellerzilla’s powerful analytics give you insights into search patterns and missed opportunities. Whether it’s analyzing UPC or EAN barcode searches, you’ll know exactly where to improve, helping you turn unfulfilled searches into sales.

Why Sellerzilla is the best choice

You could stick with traditional search plugins, but why settle for less? Sellerzilla offers a robust, easy-to-use solution that goes beyond the basics. It’s like having a secret weapon for your webshop—one that’s always working to improve your customers’ experience and boost your bottom line.

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