Advanced product search for your webshop: a smarter way to shop


Running an online store is more than just stocking great products. It’s about ensuring customers can find exactly what they need with ease. At Sellerzilla, we understand the transformative power of a robust search function. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our advanced product search for your e-commerce store.

Why advanced product search matters

Transforming customer experiences

Picture this: a customer arrives at your online store and starts typing in the search bar. With traditional search systems, if their query isn’t perfect, they might come up empty-handed. But with Sellerzilla’s advanced search, the experience is different. Our fuzzy search technology understands and corrects minor errors, guiding customers to the products they’re looking for—even if their search terms are a bit off. This makes shopping on your site intuitive and enjoyable, keeping customers coming back.

Boosting your sales

The easier it is for customers to find products, the more likely they are to buy. With Sellerzilla, you have the power to influence search results directly. Highlight bestsellers, promote new arrivals, or showcase seasonal items right within the search results. This targeted approach not only improves product visibility but also drives sales, turning every search into a potential conversion.

Leveraging powerful analytics

Understanding what your customers search for can provide invaluable insights. Sellerzilla’s advanced analytics show you search patterns, identify unmet demands, and reveal trends. For instance, if there’s a spike in searches for a particular item you don’t stock, it’s a signal to adjust your inventory. Our analytics also help you see if customers are searching for one item but purchasing another, allowing you to fine-tune your product offerings and marketing strategies.

A marketing tool built into search

Search is more than just a utility; it’s a powerful marketing tool. With Sellerzilla, you can customize which products appear for specific keywords, create promotions that show up in search results, and even adjust the algorithm to prioritize certain items. This means every search query can be leveraged to highlight promotions, drive sales, and enhance customer engagement.

No more plugins slowing you down

Traditional search plugins can bog down your site, impacting performance and customer satisfaction. Sellerzilla eliminates this issue by handling all the heavy processing on our end. You just add a simple JS script tag to your site, and we take care of the rest. This keeps your webshop fast and efficient, providing a seamless shopping experience.


Don’t let outdated search functions hold your webshop back. Upgrade to Sellerzilla’s advanced product search and transform the way your customers shop. With our intuitive search capabilities, customizable results, and in-depth analytics, you’ll not only enhance the shopping experience but also drive more sales. Sign up today and get ready to revolutionize your webshop when we launch!